Staff Picks

November 2018

Happy November! This month, we decided to go with a cool-toned and exceptionally wearable look with just a touch of frost for the transition from Autumn to Winter.

On eyes, we started with Fleece-Lined Pillow Fort to highlight the inner corner as well as along the upper and lower lash lines. We pulled the highlight all the way across the eye on top to add additional brightness and serve as a base for the shimmer in Owlbear My Soul To You, which was applied in the center of the lid over Hello Waffle Enchantment glitter glue to really bring out the frosty sparkle.

Edelwood was used all along the upper crease and at the outer edges of the eye to add more warmth and prevent the look from becoming too monochrome. Finally, some black slightly-smudged liner and mascara were applied to finish!

The Wu multistick was used very lightly on cheeks to add a touch of color, with White Chocolate Frog to highlight subtly along nose, cheekbones, cupid's bow, and chin, as well as under the brows.

To finish off the look, we used Acorny Joke on lips: a beautiful brown-toned neutral that goes gorgeously with the warmth of Edelwood.

Model & Makeup: Lauren
Photography: Cait