Friends of a Foe *ON SALE*



There are several circumstances in which the friend of your foe would not really be a foe to you at all. For example, imagine that you are a plankter – this is the singular form of plankton – and your foe is a humpback whale with a large collection of barnacles riding along on his gargantuan sides. You, dear plankter, have no particular quarrel with a fixture of barnacles, although it is probably fair to say that a barnacle and a plankter would probably not make plans to go to the theater or chew bubblegum or otherwise actively engage in becoming friends, either. It’s a very neutral relationship.

Deep cool black with a nearly metallic sheen.

Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide, ferric ferrocyanide, magnesium myristate, magnesium stearate. Not lip safe.