Shiro is the Japanese Word for Castle
Welcome to Shiro Cosmetics! We're proud to offer high quality, vegan, cruelty-free makeup which we blend by hand every day in small batches from our lovely little Portland laboratory. Our inspiration comes from the things we're passionate about (which mostly involves our being giant shameless nerds), which we've used to create a wide range of unique, vibrant products and colors. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you'll find something to love!

Meet the friendly humans of Shiro
Caitlin founded Shiro Cosmetics at the age of 19, when she found herself with excessive free time after breaking her arm in a snowboarding accident. She makes it a particular point of pride to find the worst possible puns for any situation, and can also replicate the "it's Levios-UHHHHNGH" voice with terrifying accuracy. Caitlin currently lives just south of Portland with her young son, handsome fella, floppy-eared dog, and exceptionally fluffy cat.
Lauren joined the Shiro team in 2012 and quickly proved herself an invaluable partner, as she possesses the uncanny ability to perfectly read Caitlin's mind, and yet very rarely uses it for (total) evil. Lauren splits her downtime between playing video games, mastering the subtle art of including sloths in interior decorating, and reading dozens of different adaptations of Beauty and the Beast. She currently lives south of Portland with her giant husband and two kitties.


Andrew is our number one order-filler and web maintenance bro! His primary superpower is the ability to completely ignore all the ridiculousness, no matter how extreme, that Caitlin and Lauren are doubtlessly spouting at any given moment. His secondary superpower is looking like Jon Snow. Sometimes he starts rubber band fights.


Tori is a totally rad vegan babe with enviable mermaid hair. She fills stock, blends colors, brings us homemade baked goods, and has a cat with silly teeth!